Unicorn Sculpture in White Bronze PREORDER RESTOCK! CURRENTLY SOLD OUT!

  • $38.00

This minuscule bronze statue is cast from my original beeswax sculpture of a reclining unicorn. This is a true bronze statue, it will last for generations!

This tiny unicorn is resting with one cloven hoof stretched out, and it's lion's tail curled around it's hip.

I'm very proud of this microsculpture, the unicorn is barely an inch long!

Tiny variations will exist between the casts as the lost wax process is an organic process, and the molten bronze may still exert it's own will in the space given to it.

This tiny mythical creature is perfect for any lover of fantasy. It can fit onto any desk or nestle into any garden. It has a lovely weight to it and is great fun to turn it over in your hands.


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