About Me

Silver Bramble Jewelry is owned and operated by me, Katherine Helm. My pieces all start as wax or clay in my hands. I'm based out of Richmond, Virginia, USA.

I've been sculpting for over a decade, shipped my pieces all over the world, and even sculpted a display for a museum.

I started sculpting miniatures out of anything I could find, and I'm thrilled to find a material that can elevate my miniature sculptures.


Silver Bramble Jewelry was created to offer high quality jewelry for those of us who thrive on a love of nature, fantasy and history.

These pieces are inspired by the Art Nouveau movement. The movement known for swooping lines was also notable for rejecting the idea that jewelry must be made of the finest stones and metals to be elegant.

I hope to create beautiful pieces that will be cherished despite being made with the humble material sterling silver.

I hope my pieces will connect with kindred spirits, people who get giggly in bookstores and those who look a little longer into the woodland brush hoping they'll see a wild animal.

These collections are designed to dance the lines between elegant and casual; natural and fantastical; new and timeless.

Each piece is handmade in the USA, and built to last generations.