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Silver Bramble Jewelry

Narwhal Ring

Narwhal Ring

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This ring has been cast in sterling silver from my own beeswax sculpture of a narwhal. This is a fantastically low relief ring, for those who want a subtle hint of whimsy in their accessories that can't catch on their clothes.

Narwhal have a unique place in our history, as their tusks have long been sold unicorn horns. The gentle spiral of this special tooth has captured hearts for millennia. One story even tells of a pair of rogues who managed to trade one for a castle! Legend tells that unicorn horns can detect poison, so European rulers were especially interested in the magical horns. When we learned the whales land ancestors were very similar to horses, the connection became even clearer.

Now you can own your own cruelty free symbol of this graceful, secretive whale!

Made entirely in the US, this solid sterling silver ring will last for generations with little care.

More sizes will be added soon! Message me with any questions!



Sterling Silver

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