Commissioned Pieces

Have an idea you want sculpted into sterling silver by me? The perfect gift idea that you can't seem to find anywhere? Consider a commission!
Commissions start at $200, and please expect 2 months before you receive the finished piece. Exceptionally large pieces, or pieces that are exceptionally difficult to create can cost more.
Duplicates from a commissioned design are available at a reduced rate.
I own the rights to anything created. That means you can't turn around and mass produce my sculpture, and it means I can sell copies of the piece to other customers. (The ferret foot pendant in the shop is the result of a commission)
For a greater chance of a successful commission; check out my store to see if my style will lend itself to your vision and make sure you have a defined idea in your mind before reaching out.
I will not attempt a jewelry design another artist developed, and I will not reproduce copy-written characters or trademarks.
Since most of my pieces are sculpted from raw, organic beeswax, organic shapes and creatures are your best best. If you were hoping for perfectly rigid, straight lines, I'll have to turn down the commission.
50% deposit is due before sculpting begins and is completely non-refundable.
There is room in the process for a few revisions, and I want you to be happy with your piece. Communication is key!
All pieces are cast in sterling silver, and currently no gemstone settings can be offered.
Reach out to me with any questions!