Rose Necklace One of a Kind Hand-Sculpted Sterling Silver

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This necklace is a timeless addition to any wardrobe. This rose will never fade, never wilt, and never go out of style. Cast in solid sterling silver, this special flower will last you generations.

Each of these rose pendants are hand-sculpted from pure, natural beeswax. Each petal’s wax is measured out and shaped around the other petals of the rose, and then each rose petal is curled ever so slightly to mimic a real blooming flower.

This rose is forever in the beginning of bloom, with the flowers projecting potential and hope.

I warm raw beeswax from my father-in-law's hives and shape each petal with my own hands. Each sculpted rose is sacrificed to create a single sterling silver rose pendant. Not every rose survives the process. Every single finished rose pendant will have slight variations, just like a real flower!

Have your dream interview coming up? This exudes sophistication.

Have an anniversary coming up? If you are a traditionalist, the 4th anniversary gift is fruit or flowers, and the 25th anniversary gift is silver. If you make your own traditions, this rose will outshine the other gifts.

Perfect for gifts as each one is one of a kind just like your friend or relative. Let me know if you need a group of similar roses for bridesmaids or wedding party.

This pendant comes with a sterling silver rolo chain that was made in Italy. The rose was sculpted and cast in the USA.

Please contact me with any questions!