Lost Wax Process

How do you hand make silver jewelry?
Well, there are several ways, what this shop uses primarily is the "Lost Wax Process."
What is the "Lost Wax Process?"
The Lost Wax Process is an ancient process that converts a sculptural shape into metal through a long series of molds.
For Silver Bramble Jewelry, this begins with a sculpture, either of clay or wax.
Katherine sculpts the design, and then a flexible, silicon mold is poured around the original sculpture.
The original wax or clay sculpture is removed from the mold, leaving a hole in the mold, a negative of the sculpture. Like how a footprint is a negative of your foot.
The mold then has a special wax poured into it to create a copy of the original sculpture.
This wax is cleaned and finished, as the molding process can leave defects.
Then this individual wax has a new mold of a special plaster poured around it.
This plaster mold, with the wax copy still inside are heated in a kiln until all of the wax melts out, hence the "Lost Wax!"
This leaves a negative in the plaster, the final negative in this process.
Then the metal of choice is melted and poured into the plaster mold.
The plaster is then removed, and the metal piece is exposed.
After more rounds of finishing, polishing, and handwork, you are left with a beautiful piece of jewelry that will last generations!